Statement of Faith

We believe that Scripture teaches the following truths:

  • that the Bible is the inspired Word of God
  • that God is triune in nature
  • that He exists in the persons of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit
  • that salvation is by God's grace through faith
  • that Christ's death and sacrifice for sin on Calvary is perfect and substitutionary
  • that the believer is eternally secure and cannot lose their salvation
  • that God delights in the prayers of His people; that He answers prayer; that there is
    great power in prayer
  • a rapture of the Church in the last days
  • a literal, premillennial return of our Lord Jesus Christ to earth to establish His Kingdom
  • in the resurrection of the body
  • in the eternal bliss of the righteous
  • in the endless suffering of the unsaved
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