Frequently Asked Questions

What is Awana and why should my kids participate?
First of all, Awana is a club for kids. Awana motivates kids to learn about God and Scripture in a fun
environment with games, activities, theme nights, and incentives. Awana is a global, nonprofit ministry
committed to the belief that the greatest impact for Christ starts with kids who know, love, and serve Him.

When are the meetings?
Club meetings are held weekly on Tuesdays from 5:30-7:00pm.

Who can participate?
Our club serves preschool-aged children through grade 8. We offer the following:

Cubbies (Preschool, ages 3 and 4)
Preschoolers learn about God and Scripture through the use of puppets, games, songs, and stories.

Sparks (Kindergarten through grade 2)
Clubbers explore biographies, memorize Scripture verses, and complete handbook activities.

Truth & Training (T&T) (Grades 3 through 6)
Handbooks and lessons aim to deepen a clubber's knowledge about God and His Word and teach how to put
that knowledge into action. Clubbers memorize Scripture and complete handbook activities.

TREK (Grades 7 and 8)
Clubbers are challenged to dive deeper into Scripture and participate in group lessons. Handbook sections
include an activity, lesson, memory verse, and seven days of devotions that help students understand the
Bible and apply it to their lives.

What happens at club meetings?
Each club meeting begins with an opening ceremony. Then, it is game time. Children participate in a variety
of fun and active games. If it is a theme night, game time usually revolves around the theme. After game
time, clubbers have book time and then council time. Book time is for learning scripture as kids complete
their handbooks. Clubbers earn awards for finishing sections of their books. Council time is for a group
Bible study or lesson. Each club meeting concludes with a closing ceremony. Awards are given, final
announcements are
made, and someone prays for the group.

Is there a cost to participate?
Clubbers pay $1 dues each week to participate. The only other cost is the purchase of a handbook and
uniform vest/shirt.

How do I register my kids?
You can download the registration form and bring it with you when you come. Or, registration forms are
available on club nights.

How can I get more information?
To learn more about our Awana program, you can contact First Baptist Church of Raynham at
508-823-9200 or visit us on a club night. To learn more about the Awana ministry, visit
Our Awana year has officially begun, but it's
never too late to join! You can register online
here, or download a registration form to bring
with you. Forms are also available on club
nights. If you're new to our program and want
to learn more about it, see the frequently asked
questions below.
First Baptist Church of Raynham
494 Church Street
Raynham, MA 02767